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Webbs Concrete Supplies

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Webbs Volumetric Concrete Supplies provide certified concrete ready to be mixed on board at the customer’s site.

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Guarantees you will complete your job without any added cost.

Fully Certified Concrete

Fully certified concrete producing a top strength to ensure the best finish.

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Servicing customers in Doncaster and all surrounding areas.

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Webb’s Volumetric Concrete Supplies

Webb’s Volumetric Concrete supplies are a reliable Doncaster based company providing a volumetric concrete mixer for on site concrete to both commercial and domestic customers in and around Doncaster. Our volumetric concrete mixer lorries are suitable for a wide variety of projects, from the smaller domestic jobs to larger scale commercial jobs. Our concrete is of the highest standard. We strive to be the best and deliver a reliable and convenient service for our customers ensuring complete customer satisfaction every time. Volumetric concrete is extremely popular for domestic, commercial and industrial applications of all types.

Concrete Lorry Doncaster
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Volumetric Concrete Lorry Doncaster
Concrete Lorry Doncaster

What Is A Volumetric Concrete Mixer?

A volumetric concrete mixer, also known as a mobile batching plant, is a truck that carries all the ingredients on board (Water, stone, sand, cement and admix) ready to mix concrete at the customer’s site.

By using a volumetric concrete mixer, the concrete is delivered to customers exactly as it is required with no waste. The mixer is a mobile machine that uses volume to measure out the ingredients as opposed to weight. The volumetric mixing process starts with a batch metering system that allows the volume of raw materials to be measured prior to entering the mixing chamber. The volumetric mixer will then blend the concrete using an auger which is fed all the separate ingredients via a belt.

Webb’s Volumetric Concrete Supplies provide customers in Doncaster and all surrounding areas with fully certified concrete producing a top strength to ensure the best finish to you job. If you need to utilise the cost effective and hassle-free benefits of a volumetric concrete mixer, then contact our friendly team today - 01302 867865

Benefits of Using Volumetric Concrete

One of the major benefits of a volumetric concrete lorry is that you will only pay for what you use! You are guaranteed to have the perfect amount of concreate delivered to your site so there is no risk of ordering too much or even not enough concreate.

All the components of the concrete mixture are stored and transported in separate compartments; this means that when mixing the concrete on site it can be tweaked to meet the exact specifications of the project.

Another huge advantage is that Volumatic concrete is always fresh as it is produced as it is required. And while one batch of concreate is being laid a new batch can be in the process of being made meaning there will be no downtime waiting for cement to arrive which is particularly useful in larger jobs.

Commercial Concrete Doncaster
Volumetric Concrete Lorry Doncaster
Concrete Lorry Doncaster
Concrete Lorry Doncaster

Why Use On-Site Ready-Mix Concrete?

By using mix on site concrete suppliers like ourselves, gives you more control over the consistency of your ready-mix concrete. With volumetric mixers, the materials that go into the concrete are stored separately until they are ready for batching, this means that you are able to specify the consistency that you would like the concrete to have. If the project requirements change onsite, or a particular aspect of the job needs a different concrete consistency, we can easily alter the mix onsite, with no waste and no need to leave for more supplies.

On site concrete mixing has become far superior to regular concreate, due to its versatility, cost and time effective and makes any project large or small run smoothly and efficently.