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Benifits of On-Site Concrete

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When you need to use concrete, you have two options: mixing concrete on-site or mixing concrete off-site. At the end of the day, both options will get you concrete. But which one is better? On-site or off-site concrete mixing? We’ll examine the benefits of mixing concrete on-site.

Saves Money

When you mix concrete on-site, you only need to order the exact amount you’ll use so you will only pay for the exact amount that you need. But if you mix concrete off-site, you need to estimate how much you need, and you’ll often end up paying for concrete you don’t use. By mixing concrete on-site, you’ll be able to save money and only pay for what you actually need. This will also help reduce overall waste, which leads to it being better for the environment.

Better For The Environment

Mixing concrete on-site means you’ll use only the precise amount of concrete you need to complete the project, it also means it will be better for the environment. Concrete mixed on-site uses only the amount you need, so you’re not producing extra. Creating concrete always adds to pollution, so you’re helping to reduce pollution by not creating more than you use.

Faster Process

You might think that by having concrete mixed off-site, the concrete pouring process would be faster. However, this is not the case. Somewhat surprisingly, it is actually faster to mix concrete on-site. When you mix concrete on-site, the volumetric mixers used to mix the concrete are able to pour continuously. They are able to do this because the concrete is fresh. Since you can constantly pour on-site concrete, you are ultimately able to pour your concrete faster than if you mixed off-site.

Stronger Concrete

Concrete is made by mixing stone, sand, cement, and water. The amount of water added to the concrete has to be exact, or it can weaken the concrete mix. So, when you mix concrete off-site, more water has to be added to the mix once it arrives to your construction site as the concrete begins to dry as it travels to the site. This means the end product you are left with is not as strong as it could have been.

However, when you mix concrete on-site with a volumetric mixer, you only have to add water when you create the initial mixture. Because of this, the concrete mixture will have a perfect ratio of solid ingredients to water. And this perfect ratio helps the concrete bond better,  leading to stronger concrete.

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