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What Is Volumetric Concrete?

Volumetric Concrete Lorry Doncaster

Volumetric concrete is mixed by volume of materials, compared to weight. Volumetric concrete mixers hold all necessary materials for the production of any concrete. Volumetric concrete mixers mix and pour the concrete on-demand at the job site. In comparison, ready-mix concrete is produced at a batch plant to the required mix design and then transported to the site with a traditional barrel mixer, the downside to this is you can easily order too much or not enough concrete.

What Are The Benefits Of Volumetric Concrete?

Cost Effective

You pay only for what you use. Volumetric concrete is made as needed on site, meaning you can change the mix design, amount and add-ins suddenly limiting the chance of over or under paying for concrete. In comparison, ready-mix concrete needs quantity and mix designs before it is mixed and delivered, you pay for what you’re given even if you don’t use it all. This also leaves room for downtime. When a ready-mix barrel mixer doesn’t have enough concrete for your project, they have to leave and go back to the batch plant for more. Downtime is money wasted, with volumetric concrete, downtime is eliminated, allowing changes to be made last minute without ever having to leave the job.


Due to the capabilities of volumetric concrete, anything can be added in or changed at any point to align with the project’s needs. Volumetric concrete mixers have the capabilities to have add-ons to their trucks allowing versatile mix-ins. Fiber choppers are also an option to give added strength to concrete where rebar is missing or can be substituted. Volumetric concrete’s flexibility in comparison to ready-mix is its ability to change on-demand without ever having to leave the job.

No Waste

Because only the amount needed for the job is mixed, there will be no waste, therefore you have no chance of overpaying for concrete you don’t need. As previously discussed, with traditional barrel mixers you have to pay for the full truck load, no matter the size of the project or changes needed even if you don’t use it. Mix designs can be changed at any given time with volumetric concrete mixers meaning no unnecessary wasted concrete. Frequently with traditional barrel mixers, the load will begin to mix in transit from the batch plant to the jobsite. This can cause numerous issues with the quality of the mix. If the mix arrives on the jobsite and is not good to use, it is thrown out and the process has to start over again.

Where Can You Use Volumetric Concrete?

Concrete of all kinds has its limits. Volumetric concrete is suitable for both small and large projects. Limited to no waste with volumetric concrete means you still only pay for what you use, even on the smallest of projects. For larger projects downtime is eliminated without the need to run back to a batch plant for more materials.

Volumetric concrete can be used for both residential and commercial concrete. Commercial applications can be found in construction projects, utility work, or parking lots and roadways. Whereas residential can be found in basement foundations, patios and even pools.

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