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Why Choose Concrete for Domestic Flooring? 


domestic-concrete-floorSome may say concrete as a flooring option is a pretty standard solution, however, here are some good reasons to think of. Concrete makes a great choice for flooring; it can elevate any average stepping space …  

Here are five helpful benefits of concrete flooring and how it can transform the look of your house, shed, conservatory and more. 


If you know anything about the strengths of concrete, then you will know that it’s a highly durable mixture. Concrete itself can withstand very high volumes of weight, without posing any issues. Hefty equipment and vehicles would not be enough to make a dent on a concrete floor. Opting for a concrete floor can easily withstand the everyday hustle and bustle in any home or high traffic areas.  


This edurence goes without saying: concrete can withstand for years! You can expect the concrete flooring to survive for a very long time before it begins to wear out, especially if it is well-maintained and sealed. And even if the texture and colour begin to change with age, a long time later, this gives a touch of ‘character’ to the style of the flooring and is not a practical issue unless it is damaged in any way. 


If you’re budget conscious, whether you’re looking to purchase domestic concrete or require flooring for office space, it remains one of the more cost friendly options available. 

Easy to Maintain 

Another significant advantage of concrete is that it is incredibly simple to maintain. As previously said, it will last even longer with some sort of seal, such as a protective sealer that should be reapplied every 3-9 months on average. Regular cleaning and mopping will keep the concrete looking new, but other than that, little upkeep is required. Polishing your concrete is also an excellent way to keep it looking good. 

Good for both indoors and outdoors. 

A last advantage of concrete flooring is that it is a dependable choice for both indoor and outdoor use, so you may install it in your home or garden. 

Consider hiring a volumetric concrete mixer, which can manufacture your desired volumes of concrete from the comfort of your own garden for a very low daily price! This can be a highly cost-effective way to do the project! So, for all your concrete needs. Contact us at Webbs Voulmetric Concrete Supplies – 01302 867865


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